I’m glad I’m not a meatpacker in Chicago

One of my favorite books of all time is The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I first encountered this book in high school and since then I have re-read it numerous times. I enjoy the rally of Chicagoan victims of capitalism and corruption, hoping for equality and rights. Despite the rally, The Jungle is definitely a sad story, not for the feeble-hearted. The protagonist, Jurgis, attempts to establish a prosperous home in America for his family from Lithuania. The immigrant begins as an honorable, loving, and true man. As time wore on, he befell to drinking, swindling, and lying in order to survive in the jungle of the Chicago economy. His natural animalistic instincts take precedent over morals and goodness; survival is greater than all, even family…

Ok 30 second time out. (Freeze the kicker!) Why am I rehashing something you can wiki or google? And how does this apply to healthcare?

Sometimes I am afraid I will succumb to the survival instincts in the healthcare system. After all, healthcare is a major participant in American capitalism.  I am afraid the longer I experience the healthcare system and weather corporate dictatorship rule, the more I will be tainted and jaded. I truly do not want to become a person that will choose money over morals, or better pay over happiness. However, at the current state of the Union, we’re slipping deeper into a black abyss, despite what economists may say to give us hope. It’s amazing to see what people will do in order to survive, whether those actions are inspiring or shameful. Right now, I’m energetic, optimistic, and determined. Will that stay true in 25 years after weathering the elements of money, greed, survival, and profit?

God speed.

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