An Idle Mind is a Dangerous One

An idle mind is a dangerous one.

It’s been 2 years since I graduated college. I feel my brain is slipping into plateau phase. Sure, I’ve occupied my mind with books and leisurely math (ya, I know). Currently, I’m reading Les Miserables (the unabridged version). It’s a hefty book for sure, but am I crazy to think I need a class or project to do? I do not want to undertake a project at work sadly. I feel with all the work I’d put into it, I’d inevitably meet the stagnation of that which is a community hospital. And right now, I feel that would break my will to learn and to exude any energy toward change.

My solution: life change. A big change. I’ve contemplated going back for my master’s degree, but I do have that itch for adventure and something new. So, I have applied to travel nursing agencies. It’s a big, scary world. I suppose I could walk into a hospital in dire shape, or I could walk into a hospital where I feel empowered and valued. It hurts me to say that my current job leaves me feeling unappreciated and undervalued. I’ve found myself contemplating medical school because as I nurse, I am treated poorly. However, I had that choice in college; and I chose nursing because of its versatility (and I’d like a life outside of medicine). I hope all nurses don’t feel like this across the country. With travel nursing, I might able to shed some light on this matter. I do wonder if I’m attempting to make this huge change because of this hibernation state I’m in. Has my idle mind led me to a dangerous decision? Only time will tell.

Conclusion to this post, if you find yourself unhappy with your job, don’t be afraid of change. I know with the poor economy it’s difficult for job flexibility, but deal with what you can and change what you can. It’s scary to take a dive, but just follow the bubbles and you’ll come out on top. Just keep swimming.

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