I know it’s been a longggg time since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been uninspired and frankly disenchanted with nursing. Most of my posts have been fairly optimistic and positive, so I wanted to continue that trend. Unfortunately, I cannot continue it. At least for now. This post summarizes my path to nursing and the present state of my career with the help of video game analogies. It should be funny, satirical, but sadly truthful at the same time. Minus the part about ragequitting. I don’t do that.

Level 1 (aka college freshmen)

Noob extraordinaire. You have no gear and no intellect, and the number of abilities you have are limited. The upside to Level 1 is being able to choose what skill set and profession you want to do. Sadly, no one (besides other Level 1’s) will group with you because you are a huge noob. It looks like some grinding ahead, along with getting eaten by a boar and ganked by a higher level. It’s the food chain at its best. And it might be useful to hit up some trainers to learn some skills so you’re more profitable.

Level 2 (aka college senior)

The grinding and multiple deaths have paid off slightly. Killing those squirrels and boars helped gain some strength. Your intellect and HP have grown. You feel more confident with the talents you have acquired from leveling up. With this confidence, you try to group up to conquer greater mobs, but to your dismay, only a few groups will take you since you’re still a noob. Back to the boars for now….

Level 3 (aka new graduate worker)

As a Level 3, you get to venture off to a new land via a huge yellow bird! There’s a whole new set of trainers so you can learn new talents. In the new land, there are also new mobs to kill. No more boars! Oh sh%$, look at how huge that ogre is.  Smack! Club to face…..and dead….again. The noob is pwnd again.

Level 4 (working for 1 year)

As a level 4, you’ve become a good asset to groups. Your skills as a magi pay off. Groups want you to heal and do back up damage as needed. You make small mistakes here and there from alt+tabbing to YouTube or Netflix, but for the most part, you’re reliable. Few people die on your watch, but you still could brush up on your skills and game mechanics.

Level 5 (roots growing)

As a level 5 healer, it’s almost like faceroll. You’ve got your routine and rotation down. Shield, HoT, Heal, Heal, Heal. Every once in a while, someone throws a curveball and breaks up the routine, but it’s welcomed. It keeps you on your toes and you actually have to blow that 30min cooldown ability that you save for “Just in Case” occasions. Who doesn’t like a little spice now and again? However, if that “someone” throws you a curveball because HE IS A NOOB, then ragequit, throw the mouse, and break your headset. Don’t forget to yell in vent that he probably sucks IRL before breaking your headset.

Level 6

Game content cleared. Hard modes done. Pwnage of faces done. Sweet gear acquired. It feels like a plateau phase. You search out other things to do in game. More quests? More pwnage? Try a different storyline? Sounds kind of boring. Maybe I’ll just reroll a different class or profession….

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