Damn you Garmin…re-calculating?

There are things we cannot explain. Our human mind tries to rationalize things that may not seem clear to us. Sometimes that uncertainty tests our resolve. However, that uncertainty can instill fear, and fear can be immobilizing. Defense mechanisms that we have developed over the years from past experiences can raise up alarms and tells us to take the path of safety and security. Of course, these defense mechanisms are important to human survival. Without learning from past experiences, we would just keep beating our heads against the same wall, making the same mistakes. On the contrary, can we determine when these defense mechanisms are overly active? Is there a time in which we are too cautious, too afraid to make ourselves take chances?

I’ve always been one for security and safety. My very logical mind has generally determined that. As I get older, I find myself taking more risks and walking on paths less traveled. Am I being careless? No, but maybe that could be up for debate to some. But what I’ve learned over the past 4 years working amongst the sickest of the sick is that life is too short to stand idly by and let our defense mechanisms become our decision maker. I want to lead a life uncommon, a life fulfilled.

If you ask most people what they want out of life, they might respond with wealth (those greedy bastards) and good health, but I think the majority of people would say happiness. Who really wants to be miserable and bask in self-pity? NO ONE! We seek people and things to make us happy. Happiness takes work. You can’t say I want to be happy and then do nothing about it. Of course, working at happiness is not easy. Something so priceless and valuable cannot be so easily obtained. Everyone’s path to happiness is different, and these paths include detours, construction, road blocks, pot holes, and of course that GPS that is re-calculating. And it’s how you respond to these things that define your being.

So what is your path to happiness? How many road hazards can you endure? And how many risks are you willing to take to achieve that path to happiness?

3 thoughts on “Damn you Garmin…re-calculating?

  1. Christa b

    Amen, Susie! You are such a talented writer. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Something tells me you will choose the right paths and detours to get there :)))))

  2. Molly

    Aaron and I recently had a discussion about what we think life is about. He says for him it’s love, I say life is change. Everything changes, its beyond our control. If we can find the beauty in change and embrace what change creates within ourselves, we will find beauty in all aspects of life.

    THIS: “I want to lead a life uncommon, a life fulfilled.” ME TOO!

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