Carpe Diem? Load of crap or good mantra? (Hire me Google)

YOLOIt’s been a long while (again) since I’ve written. Mostly because (a) I don’t want to reiterate ideas or themes that I’ve written about (b) I don’t want to sound like a pessimistic jerkface since ideas that have been popping up seem to be less-than-optimistic (c) The inspiration has been lack-luster, and the stress level of school, work, and life has multiplied.

However, with the onset of spring and new things beginning again, I might have found a more illustrious topic to talk about besides things such as how Medicare owns my soul, patients own MY patience at times, and school owns my aspirations to be a pro-gamer.

Therefore, today I’m writing about carpe diem! For you half-empty glass people, I might have heard the word bull shit uttered or a snicker. Believe me, some days I’m right there with you. As much as I want to change careers and bail on the nursing sailboat, I have learned some pretty valuable life thingee-majigs. Not to be melodramatic, but by age 26 I have witnessed pretty icky stuff. It really does change your perspective on life, happiness, values, and priorities. And it just emphasizes, there is good in the icky; it’s just buried below a lot of ick.

Carpe diem!

Seize the day!

Slogan? Catchphrase? Mantra? Outlook? A load of crap?

I think seeing carpe diem plastered on boxes of cereal or as a notation on a poster with someone climbing Everest really diminishes its greatness. Mount Everest, REALLY? WTF. Carpe diem can be really awesome though! Life IS too short. Embrace its goodness, learn from the not-so-good, and let life roll.

How many times have you looked back at periods in your life and thought, “Why did I stress over this? It seems so minute now.” Most things in our life seem really stressful at the current time, and I’m sure some things truly are. However, for the majority of things, I think we hyper-inflate. I do wonder if the actual trigger stresses me out or if it’s mostly just the fear of unknown that does it. But the unknown should be the adventure right? After all, we remember the things that we did out of the ordinary. I hope I don’t sound preachy because I fall victim to the fear of the unknown just as much as Joe Schmo.

What triggered this blog post was actually my April Fool’s Facebook post which stated I was moving to Palo Alto and working at Google. On April 1st, that post seemed so redonkulous. Google? Hire me? ROFL. I’m not the smartest computer science whiz out there by far. In fact, what I’m studying now is probably what Zuckerberg, Page, and Brin studied in Kindergarten. I’m not the best financial adviser, and I’m not business savvyHowever, the more I thought about it, I concluded, well why not? Why not me? I’m not the best and brightest, but I’m weird. And I mean weird in the best sense. If you have cookie cutter people, you’re just going to make cookie cutter software. I really do embrace the weirdness of myself. For so long, I’ve felt I’ve suppressed it to fit in with my peers, but now, I’m kind of being honey badger about it. And it feels good.

So today I’m continuing on this strange path I’ve sort of calculated for myself because if I really want something I should just go for it. The only things in life that truly hold you back are yourself, procrastination, and aspirations to be a pro-gamer. The last thing I want for myself is to be laying in an ICU wishing I did ___________. Life’s too short. Carpe diem.

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