I have always been a fan of games. In my youth, my friend and I would play war with a deck of cards on the bus everyday. In high school, we played spades and hearts at lunch and in study hall like crazy.

In college, I found a great love for video games. The floor below my freshman year dorm basically had a LAN party set up every single day. Everything from Counter Strike to Final Fantasy was played. When I was young, I was not able to play video games since my parents encouraged us to read or play outside, so when I discovered this wonderful new world of pixels I could not resist. It was like a blind person seeing for the first time. I dove deep into World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Final Fantasy. Now, I’m just a filthy casual… because adult life happens.

In my adult life, I enjoy playing tabletop games. While my game collection is quite small, my boyfriend’s is quite impressive. We play everything from Dominion to DnD types. I even experienced my first Gen Con this year!

Games are a big part of my life, whether they’re video, strategy, tabletop, or card games. I even like breaking down the complexities of game theory, like chess or Go. Games keep the mind going and creativity flowing. I generally don’t watch TV, but you can be sure I’ll be logged in somewhere or playing something if I have down time.