A Lady with a Lamp

Written in 2010

I named this blog “A Lady with a Lamp.” Florence Nightingale, a pioneer for the profession of nursing, was nicknamed “The Lady with the Lamp.” I, of course, am no Florence Nightingale by any means; she was extraordinary for her time. She could claim “THE Lady with THE Lamp” title; she was a gentle and fiery blaze, the comfort to many. I am just a lady with a small lantern, lighting my own way and hoping to give warmth to others along the way.

My intention for this blog is to write weekly about my experiences in the hospital. Often times, they will originate in nursing, but may spill over and explore other areas as my mind wanders frequently.

This is my first post, so consider this the ignition to a thoughtful, reflective, and evolving blog.

Sujak Stack

Written in 2017

Developers throw the word “stack” around. There are actually different kinds of references to stack in the tech world! Generally speaking, a stack refers to layers.

Last in, First out Data Structure


This structure holds data like a cart line at a grocery store. A leaving shopper puts the cart in the line, and another person comes along and takes that same cart because it’s the top-most. The very first cart of the line will not see a shopper until all the other carts before it are taken.


Network Protocol Stack


The network protocol stack describes the way in which data can travel through a network. Together, each layer serves a purpose to package the data and send it on its way to the receiver.



Web Developer Stack


Web and application developers often refer to different types of developers by front-end, back-end or full stack.

  • Front End

    This usually involves what an end-user might see, such as HTML, CSS styling, and scripts when you click something.

  • Back End

    Back end developers usually focus on the inner workings of an application, such as the server, network requests, performance, and communication with the databases.

  • Full Stack

    Full stack devs encompass all of these things into one. They see an application in its entirety and can wear many different hats.


For this site name, Sujak is a combination of my initials. It all started when I had a make-believe cookie business in elementary school, and my company name was Sujak (thanks mom for your business insight!). I also use Sujak as my gamer tag and character names.


A stack is made up of layers to make one. I consider this analogous to myself. Developer, coder, gamer, nurse, dachshund lover, writer, cook, traveler, … and on and on.



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